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Lingashoni actress ‘Brenda’ Magi Williams’ real life occupation stuns Mzansi

Magi WilliamsWhen Brenda and her family first appeared on Lingashoni in the second season, they seemed like a normal family. However, viewers soon learned that there is more to Brenda and her family than meets the eye. Brenda is a single mom in Lingashoni, but she has more than one baby daddy. But, as the saying goes, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," which is true in this case because Brenda is not the most moral person.

Brenda, her daughter Poppy, and her son Japan live in the ghetto. Sometimes, it's hard for them to make ends meet. But in the end, her secret gets out, and it is said that she is Puleng's mother. Her daughter doesn't want anything to do with her or her younger children because she is still angry about how her mother stole money from them in the past.

Magi Williams in LingashoniMagi Williams in Lingashoni-Image Source(Instagram/Lingashoni)

The actress who plays Brenda is not like that in real life, though. She is one of the most hardworking actresses in the business. Her resume is full of the roles she has played over the course of her career. She was in popular telenovelas like Soul City, Egoli, Generations, and Mtinzini.

Magi Williams is a teacher by profession in real life

Magi Williams in LingashoniMagi Williams in Lingashoni-Image Source(Instagram/Lingashoni)

But Magi had a different job before he became famous and his acting career took off. In 1993, when she was still in college, the actress went to school to get a teaching certificate. She is still a qualified drama teacher to this day. But instead of becoming a drama teacher, she chose to work in front of the camera instead.

Magi is not only a good actress and teacher, but she also writes plays. She wrote the script for the hit movie Mapantsula. She is also a successful theater actress who has performed on stages around the world in places like the UK. Her career is growing all the time, and right now her most famous roles are Cuba in Rhythm City and Brenda in the hit show Lingashoni.

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