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How Connie Ferguson manages to look ever young at 51 ? OPINION

Connie Ferguson is one of the most influential woman in South Africa. She has inspired , empowered and changed many people's lives in the South Africa. She is indeed a living legend of the South African television and entertainment industry. She is still affectionately known as Karabo Moroka a role she portrayed and made popular on Generations over two decades ago. Her legacy is incredibly together with her late husband Shona Ferguson they created Ferguson Films. Ferguson Films is well known for producing many hit local television drama series and soapies like The Queen and The River among many others the list is endless.

She currently plays the leading character of Harriet Khoza on The Queen which airs week days on Magic Magic at 9pm. She is a great story teller a prolific performer probably one of the best in the country. She is very much passionate about her craft which is why she managed to stay this long at the top of her game. She is very passionate about empowering and helping many other upcoming actors , there are many successful actor today who came from under her wing and guidance. Inspiring others is a natural given talent for Connie , her works speaks volumes.

However the question in many people's mouth is how does she manage to stay looking ever young considering that she is over 50 years old. So the question is what's the secret but the truth is that there is no secret at all , it's all about self care clearly Connie takes an excellent care of herself. Many people always misinterpret the concept of self care they tend to think that one has to be rich or wealthy to be able to stay young , but that isn't entirely the truth anyone can afford to maintain a youthful self like Connie if they take a good care of themselves. However the best the thing is to learn from people like her and be inspired.

It is indeed a lot of hardwork and it takes a lot of courage , determination and self decipline to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A person has eat healthy foods and workout go to the gym atleast four to five times a week , and to drink a atleast over 2 litres of water everyday it's quite simple but many fail to do that. According to health expects it is highly important to have enough sleep, a person has to sleep atleast 7 to 8 hours a day. Connie is an inspiration to many people out there how she manages to mantain her professional and healthy lifestyle it's incredible. I'm sure those who follow her on Instagram can see her workout routines, she works really hard and if she can do it that's means you can also archive it be inspired.

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