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Today's Episode Of Rhythm City, Here's What Happened That Got People Talking

Tonight's episode got people talking, a lot happened in one episode. Pastor Makoro is working with Pearl to drag Khulekani down. It looks like Pearl trust Makoro so much that she told him everything about Khulekani, even his past. Khulekani does not trust Pastor Makoro, he feels like he is up to something.Things got quite saucy and interesting. Mapula got a job, congratulations to her, Mampho and Sindiswa are willing to teach and help Mapula adjust to the environment. Mapula's new boss, Ziyanda. She was invited by a client for a "meeting" she said, but when Ziyanda got to Kilowatt. She realized there was a little party going on there, the client admitted that she wanted her and Ziyanda to enjoy themselves.

Ziyanda met Gift in Kilowatt, the two clicked immediately. You could tell they have some things in common, Ziyanda enjoyed Gift's company. The fun was taken to the bedroom, probably Gift might go to Ziyanda's work. Where Mapula is working, people wonder how she will react when seeing Gift.

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