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Man allegedly reveals King Misuzulu is hated because his mother was hated from day one

Source: Twitter

A man has allegedly revealed that King Misuzulu of the Zulu people is being hated by a lot of people, because even his mother was also heated from day one when she moved to the Royal Palace.

The man says that the king’s mother was never accepted from the onset by the Royal family in the presence of the late king, which clearly showed that they did not want her.

He then continues to reveal that the mother of the king was once poisoned and from that time she never had peace ever since she arrived to the Royal Palace as a young lady who was married.

The man continues to pose a very serious question that how can the people expect the king to be accepted? whereas they rejected his own mother.

He advises that the king is a warrior and he should soldier on because this too shall pass.

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