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Jub-Jub made a Sh0cking statement about the Xhosa Tribe, Here is what he said.

Jub, the host of Uyajola 9/9, has dropped a major shocker on the Xhosa Tribe, saying that if you travel to the Eastern Cape searching for love, you would lament it with a sad sorrow since the inhabitants there have no morality when it comes to romance. Both male and female romance behind everyone's backs, and that they will treat you like a youngster. The show has been like this for the past three weeks, and the revelations they have revealed have been stunning, to say the least, since they all live under the same roof as the man who is doing wrongdoing.

The programme's presenter is smashing it just because he's not scared to ask difficult questions or get involved in controversy in addition to making it a fun program for all of us at homes to mock as well as giggle at. The Xhosa women were the first one in the area to marry Nigerians; they have been the ones who knew how to get cash, even though it was problematic. You should never go to the Eastern Cape in search of love; you will be devastated faster than you can imagine.

That was among the most shocking statements ever made by the presenter, but it is accurate since it contains no lies. The exhibition is recognized as detritus, but it pays the mortgage for Recognizing and responding, even though they will keep the momentum going for another two decades if necessary. However, they must pay the US show for the privileges to duplicate their aesthetic of broadcast news; the idea is not authentic; it emerges from the US scumbags, who never showed faces because everything was distorted.

The last several episode had been so tense that even Jub Jub was bewildered. "Brother, let me clarify to you," Jub Jub said when faced by a bigamist who saw no problem with having several partners in one of the prior instances. We are Zulu warriors. We like to flirt with ladies and take multiple wives." He said to Jub Jub, who was taken aback.


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