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Meet The American Rapper Who Bravely Exposed Illuminati and Their Secrets Through Songs

They've been a lot of conspiracy theory concerning the Illuminati on how to initiate people and musicians into the industry.

Many Artists or musicians have tried to reveal their secret one way or the other but ended up dying before they could reveal it.

According to the Bible, it says that they will all be exposed and their secrets will be revealed to the world on how they control people's mind. If you listen carefully to some Rap songs, you will hear and see how Illuminati is taking over everything.

Tom MacDonald

Thomas MacDonald is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and former professional wrestler. He was born on the 21st of September 1988.

This Rapper above is from USA and has bravely exposed a lot of things about the Illuminati through his songs.

He sings about how sicknesses were created to control or manipulate people's mind and thinking after he relased the song called Cloned Rappers.

In this same song, he said something about a popular rapper called Eminem being cloned by the Illuminati whereby they take few samples of bones to clone rappers. It was a very big shock to everyone when he revealed such thing and has brought a lot of questions like Is Eminem the real one or Fake.

Tom Macdonald is a very talented rapper as well but could he also be a fake cloned rapper? He has exposed just about almost everything in the Illuminati bravely without thinking twice because he's ready to face any consequences.

He also released another song titled Trying To Kill Me.

In this particular song, it was quite scary on how it was acted because he was clearly telling the public that The Illuminati are trying to kill him and make it looks as if it was a sickness because he has spat too many secrets about them.


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