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BATHONG: Did Inno Matijane just shoot his shot at Kabza De Small?

Inno has been trending for a couple of weeks now on the socials. His pictures have gotten so much attention from both genders. Right?

Inno has not been the luckiest when it comes to relationships. Why? Well, your questions are good as mine.

He showed on his reality show that he was involved with MJ who later slept with his friend. Who does that?

The whole ordeal didn't sit well with our reality star. This was evident after Inno took to his social media platforms showing how much MJ has broken his heart. 💔

This happened on numerous occasions and with his fans trying to encourage him to leave MJ because their relationship was toxic, Inno didn't listen but rather, he was all hooked to MJ who kept hurting Inno.

Innocent Matijane then started talking and complementing different celebrity men.

After the MJ issue, we saw Inno posting a picture of him and Aron Moalosi, the presenter of Umphakathi on Moja Love.

In that snap, one would conclude that the two were in love as they were cosy.

Few months after the snaps, we didn't see any more of Aron Moalosi on Inno's socials.

We all know what that meant. 💔😥

The reality TV star had or has a crush on Limpopo boy. Inno posted a lot about Limpopo boy, how the both of them would make a great couple and how he(Inno) would be glad to be married in Limpopo.

It has long been about two months since we saw none of those updates. What if he found another man crush? 🤔🤔😌

Today, Inno wrote an update on which he complemented Kabza De Small. Check this out.

What could this post mean? Was this Inno shooting his shot at the Amapiano legend?

Inno's fans have also showed how much they admire Kabza.

Women seem to be deeply in love with Kabza De Small. But will they ever get him since now Inno is in the picture?

One interesting fan brought the Limpopo boy issue on this very same post.

Hmmm! This is interesting right?

But aren't you curious to find out how this new found "crush" unfolds for Inno? Do you think Kabza will respond to that?

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