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Lufuno Left This Letter Before She Passed Away

A youthful lovely young lady named Lufuno, was harassed and things wound up extremely awful. She ended it all. 

It used to be felt that tormenting was just a young men issue, anyway it is currently realized that harassing among young ladies is similarly as prevalant. In spite of the fact that, young ladies menace in a more mental way, it is similarly as harming as actual harassing. 

She left a letter that says "....your doings caused me to lose trust, may God assist you to proceed with the excursion the last known point of interest. May you get instructed and appear dreams I had for my mom, for them to work out as expected. My spirit isn't resting, it isn't finding happiness in the hereafter. It was shipped off death by those better than me. The powerful God probably won't feel for you. My Tears that shed will cause a haze of revile upon them. I trust you are cheerful considering I've passed on" 

This letter shows how much this demonstration has harmed her, may her wonderful soul find happiness in the hereafter.

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