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Mzansi Is Left Stitches After Seeing Beautiful Pictures Of LaConco From #RHODurban


LaConco Zuma, the wife of former President Jacob Zuma, is currently trending, and Mzansi can't take their gaze away from her stunning figure. Nonkanyiso Conco, also known as LaConco from The Real Housewives of Durban, was spotted with her MaBusi in a Sun City. Her photos have gone viral on social media. This is after MaBusi uploaded images of the two of them in their swimming costumes on her Instagram page.

After seeing her stunning beauty, Mzansi were left speechless. Her followers have never seen her in a bathing suit, and this is the first time we will see her in one.

Mzansi couldn't stop herself from gushing about how much she misses Jacob Zuma. LaConco, 30, is former President Jacob Zuma's last and youngest wife, and the couple has a kid together.

MaBusi shared her photos, but instead of commenting on MaBusi, fans were curious to learn more about LaConco. Fans of The Real Housewives of Durban appear to know more about each of them than LaConco. We do know that she was married to Jacob Zuma, who was 80 years old at the time, and that they had a kid together in 2918. We don't know anything else. LaConco knows everyone's address but has never visited them, according to fans.

The following are the additional remarks:

Manzimonate has penned a piece "Lac is helped by you, MaBusi. Everyone else lets their guard down and explains why she is permitted to keep her secrets. She's gone to everyone's house, but no one knows where she lives (she's no longer with Jacob, so no security issues). It's one thing to be on a life or death mission, but it's quite another to kiss. I'm hoping you'll return next season as a regular cast member. Jojo is a spoiled brat, and you didn't deserve what she did to you." She had penned something.

_ybee_ is the author of this article. "To be honest, I believe you meant to support a friend, but in this case, it's a reality show that we joined up for in order to get to know the real Nonkanyiso and to be honest, it's a reality show that we signed up for in order to get to know the real Nonkanyiso." When @nonku Williams said she wanted to know Nonkanyiso, she was defensive throughout the presentation and had open-ended dialogues. True, the show is over, and we have no idea who LaConco is. I understand the importance of defending our past President, but wasn't that ship supposed to leave a long time ago? What Jojo did to you, sis MaBusi?

No one, not even you, deserves it. She had penned something.

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