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It’s a cat and dog fight between Don and Zodwa but who will save Teddy?Gomora:[Opinion]


Being a single mother isn’t child’s play.Zodwa on the Telenovela Gomora has faced a lot of challenges trying to be a good mother on his son Teddy.At one point she was always drunk and it took time and dedication for her to stop drinking alcohol.As if that wasn’t enough Don came back as if he has never left them.Zodwa had to forgive and accept Don for the sake of Teddy who needed to know his father.Zodwa did all she could do for extra two stomachs that were added on their family.

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Zodwa has been the mother and the father to Teddy for years and yes she wasn’t and still is not perfect ,but she did not need distraction like Don.Single mothers really have a lot on their plate that they deal with.It is ironic how their children tend to not see all of the sacrifice they have made for them.Teddy is the perfect example of that,Don is indeed his father but he has not portrayed a good example of a father.He might have tried to hide all his illegal ways but he couldn’t do that for long.

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The writer of the Telenovela is teaching about the difficulties that single mothers face and the ungratefulness they receive from their children once they meet with their fathers.However better the devil you know than the one you do not know.At this point no shouting can make difference in Teddy’s ears and mind as he sees his father as their saviour from hunger.See the link below:

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Is Don bringing distraction in the lives of Zodwa and Teddy deliberately? Should Zodwa cut ties with his son or should she wait for him to realise or choose what he wants to do with his life.Teddy is in his way trying to accommodate his long lost father in his life.One thing for sure it is not to be a single mother.

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Do you think what is happening to Zodwa is fair or not?

Please let me know of what you think by leaving your comment below

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