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In their third year of marriage, Kwesta and Yolanda remain a happily married couple

Today marks the third anniversary of one of our top ZAleb couples receiving the pack. Every time they do something, they're the subject of our admiration, and it's a good thing that we do it this way. 

A couple has been together for about a decade and has two daughters, Khai Asemahle Vilakazi and Kenya Elihle Vilakazi, who are both in their early teens. Yolanda sent a video and a wedding photo on Instagram to show her support for their alliance. 

She even told him that she would take care of him during difficult times a few weeks ago. 

On their 11th anniversary, Kwesta acknowledged that many see them as some sort of model couple, but insisted that they are just like any other marriage. In the same way as other couples, they have their ups and downs but they never lose sight of the fact that they are stronger together. 

"We're not aiming for anything. We, like everyone else, regularly go on short walks to try to get closer to those goals. We've experienced fulfillment, torture and love. We've also experienced love. 

A trip to Katlehong, the Maldives, kisses, voetseks and love... and that thing on my head... Once we fall in love, we work hard to keep it going and to keep ourselves going, as well "By then, he remarked. It was at the time of Yolanda's announcement of her second child that she thanked her for the opportunity to raise these young women "As we celebrate a time when everyone was happy and close. 

One of the greatest gifts God has given me is the realization that he chose me to get it, and that he chose us to receive it together. We are elated and enriched by this awe-inspiring phenomenon "Yolanda commented. 

While speaking with Drum about their connection, Kwesta stated that they are best of friends. As a result, they are better able to protect their daughters and learn more about life. 

"Our first and most important relationship is that of close, lifelong companions. As a result of our friendship and love, I don't think this life-sustaining thing would have happened so easily "He informed the group. 

In addition, Yolanda spoke fondly of her soul mate and stated, "He's my best friend." "We don't appear to be living on our own yet. It doesn't matter how long it takes, we're overjoyed and our daughter is giddy." 

K Naomi tied the bundle to her husband Tshepo before welcoming their child together as a happy pair. During their wedding, they had a lavish, traditional ceremony. 

Naomi had already gone on and on about her husband's birthday when they celebrated together. Tshepo demonstrated to her what it means to be treated like a princess, and as a result, she gave it to her admirers "When the time comes, and you feel my energy, I will demonstrate how a sovereign should be handled.' I say to my life partner. We hadn't even started dating at the time, and I'd prefer not have given him any time at all. From the beginning, you've made it clear that you want to do so "she wrote previously.


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