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‘This Thing Disappeared In My Body’ As Ayanda Thabethe Shares Here Experience With This Device

Ayanda Thabethe, an actress, feels that women suffer the most and has described her awful experience with a form of a birth control device. Before sharing her own tale, Ayanda retweeted a TikTok video of a woman describing the tremendous pain she had as a result of an intrauterine device, or IUD.

Having through a similar treatment herself years ago, the actress took to Twitter to recall what a crisis it was for her, and how a procedure that was intended to be a "minor thing" turned out to be life-threatening for her. "I tried it years ago. This item vanished from my body. It took X-rays and, eventually, surgery to get it out. "Women go through the most." TikTok user Mo'nica Herna'ndez stated in the video that she chose the copper IUD since it did not include hormones.

Knowing it would be uncomfortable and cause her period to continue longer than usual was understandable, but what she felt after the surgery was unimaginable. "I've never felt such intense anguish in my entire life." I've never felt anything like it before. The thing about it is how quickly it can be inserted. You go from existing to unimaginable degrees of pain, then back to existing, and it's as if your brain can't handle it."

Being a woman is a difficult task, which is one of the reasons why women should be treated with love and care. Each and every single month they have to experience their periods, this is the period where men have to step up their game and take care of them even if they are a bit grumpy understand that it not them but the hormone imbalance happening in their body. Some prevention methods are extreme to a point that they change their body weight, size and shape that is why they need all the support they can get. Let us know what you think about female prevention methods on the comment section below, please like, share and follow.

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