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Uzalo| Nkunzi runs for his life after he was caught on someone bed



A happy night ended in full of tears for Nkunzi after he had to run for his life after Phillipe caught him sleeping with his wife which ended in full of tears, for the whole family because he was forced to run half-naked on the street after calling his name in the dinning room.

But he didn't want Phillipe to see him because he knew that he was about to kill him because of the dangerous situation, that he got himself into which has cost him his pride and status as the Godfather of Kwamashu to this day.

But Gabisile is the one that must be blamed for this whole drama because he told Phillipe about this fair of Nkunzi and his Wife.

Kwamashu will never be the same again because Nkunzi will be trying his best to save his life from this danger that is looking to kill him.

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Nkunzi Uzalo| Nkunzi


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