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Seems like Sizwe was really wrong and Unathi got fired for her exaggeration. Clip released

Sizwe Dlomo and Unathi have been going through an ongoing battle ever since Unathi got fired from Kaya FM. The two got into a verbal altercation which led to Unathi reporting Sizwe to the HR. Sizwe got notice that Unathi reported him and was asked to release his own side of the story.

Sizwe said that after he arrived late for work, Unathi confronted him in front of their colleagues and hence he got defensive. He said he does not report to Unathi and if Unathi has a problem with his late coming, he should have reported the matter to the management. He further rebutted the GBV allegations against him and said that Unathi should face consequences of accusing him of such because had he been found guilty, he would have faced harsh consequences as well.

In the clip, Sizwe is quite rude and Unathi was just asking him nicely to not waste her time. The only thing that got her fired is her exaggerating the matter when she reported Sizwe. It is a quite sad story but hopefully Sizwe will get punished for what he did.

According to you, should Sizwe also get fired from his job or should they rehire Unathi and just give her a warning? Comment

The clip is on Sizwe Dhlomo's page on tweeter.

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