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Bad News To #SkeemSaam Actor Dr Hlongwane As He Got Himself In Trouble; Here Is What Happened To Him

Bad News To #SkeemSaam Actor Dr Hlongwane; Here Is What Happened To Him

It ended in tears for Thobela FM presenter and Skeem Saam actor popular known as Sebasa Mogale. Thise who have no idea who is Sebasa Mogale will know him today..  mzansi were left speechless after hearing that one of SkeemSaam actor popular known as Dr Hlongwane has been under the investigation. It's sad that his career in radio has been put on hold after he was found being part of crypto investment scam (Carte Blanche exposé). It is said that they advertise the Bitcoins make money out of scamming people and not trading.

Gugu Ntuli who is group executive corporate affairs and marketing in SABC has confirmed the removal of SkeemSaam actor. The SABC has taken the steps to put him on hold has they do with their investigation. Sebasa Mogale has been given another opportunity to prove that he was not involved in crypto investment scam (Carte Blanche exposé.

Sibasa Mogale has been in this Bitcoins for a longtime. Bitcoins is gambling, it's win or loose situation. even Thobela FM used to advertise Bitcoins mentioning names of Sibasa Mogale and others. It's not only Thobela FM that used to advertise but also zmunghana Lonene FM radio.

Forex trading it’s authorised in the financial industry and it’s regulated as well. It appears that oeople mislead people all in the name of making profit. As they have given Sibasa Mogale a chance to prove his innocent, there always two sides of the story and we joe and believe that he will tell his side of the story.

It's sad that he got himself introduced and it has now impacted his career in a negative way. People need to have knowledge before entering into any agreement especially where it involves money, with this been said Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency it’s not illegal.



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