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Divorce Affair

“Once I leave I won’t come back”Will Thando be able to leave Siyacela?Isencane Lengane [Opinion]


Secrets have a way of coming up and destroying everything that has been built.Siyacela’s lies caught up with him and he was not expecting it to happen.Thando and Siyacela got married at the young age and challenges were bound to happen as they are still growing.As they are still maturing they are bound to make reckless decisions especially Siyacela.

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However for Thando to find out that Siyacela has cheated on her it is not something that she expected to happen.It is ironic that Thando knew that Siyacela had lied to her and she just needed to see proof and she got it on the last episode.Thando is still in school and doing matric while Siyacela dropped out of school.They both have different personalities Thando seem to be more committed in this relationship than Siyacela.

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Is it love or they will outgrow each other as they grow up?Thando has made it clear that she is leaving Siyacela but it is easier said than done.Will she be able to leave Siyacela or will she get intimated by him?Will she persevere and stay in this marriage?Thando is very young to be facing infidelity in her marriage.Will Siyacela’s family allow or encourage Thando to leave their son or will they convince her to stay and forgive Siyacela?

Time and time Siyacela continues to be nonchalant to his actions and words which is evident that he is still immature, and maybe his mind is not ready to be committed into marriage which is a forever relationship.However he needs to take responsibility of his actions and be accountable.Should his father and brothers be blamed for Siyacela’s actions?One thing is clear that what Dlamuka thought would happen when Siyacela got married is not happening.See the link below:

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Getting Siyacela married was not an antidote and still isn’t.This goes to show that children should be allowed to enjoy being young, until they reach a stage whereby they are fully matured and can take their own decisions.

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