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Lizzy Got Herself In Trouble After She Did This In #SkeemSaam

Lizzy Got Herself In Trouble After She Did This In #SkeemSaam

Ma Thobakgale is really in pain, hope this ordeal will end soon. We put our mom's through alot and they still there to give us support through the trails and trubations we face. Mothers are soo important. They always have our best interest at heart.

Babeile's focus is to convict Lizzy, not to find Glenda in #SkeemSaam, I mean he never seems to be interested to look fo Glenda.

I feel so sorry for Lizzy. Imagine being in prison in this cold front. Must be ice cold in there. Glenda did her dirty sll because of Zamo. She should have just stayed away. Love can put you in places where you never expected yourself to be in

I really felt Lizzys pain honestly if we were able to prevent hardship in Relationship we would, but we cannot. We only Learn and forgive ourselves. This is a story she would never forget in her life. Once upon a time Lizzy was also the other woman living with baby maker and Lelo, she never learns. Lizzy trapped herself in love and trash when she started dating Zamokuhle. 

I really feel for Lizzy she doesn't deserve this, all she wanted was love.  Babeile already suspect that Lizzy us guilty, he will not think of other possibilities because his too arrogant. He needs woman in his life. He has obsession of arresting people.

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