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Mandela or not, this Mandela lookalike is looking for his family see here

All over social media his picture is causing questions and chaos in whether he is the real Mandela, or he is the long lost son, to the great late Nelson Mandela and other people think he is just a lookalike, he is reported to be in Maboloka but still looking for his relatives, they made a post about him that he is a bloodlone to the Rolihlahlas znd just need to step on his mother's land. See here

To those with power skills of research, maybe you might know or be related to Nelson Mandela family here an old man bloodline of the Rolihlahla, from cunu/xunu he is looking for his family, he wants nothing but to set foot on his mother's land. Kindly assist by sharing this link, this might land on the right people, thank you very much in advance

i uess if indeed what qe are being told is accuraye then, he will definitely acomplish is wishes and be reunited with his family

Maybe this is the real Mandela not that robot they gave u

please protect him if he is related to Mandela because he might know some truths about uMandela.I get your point but it would be difficult to get hold of them because they are famous

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