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RhythmCity:Reason why Suffocate ndlovu is not leaving anymore

Suffocate Ndlovu was hit hard by someone he trusted as a daughter, he never thought that Pearl of all people will do this to her. He is someone who does not pay much details into paperwork ,as long as the person handling everything is someone he trust .Unfortunately for him,this time around ,Peral Genaro had an agenda and now Suffor has no idea how to come out of it.

He was then arrested for many charges after the whole concert thing that never even happened as it was staged. He managed to get a deal out of the whole he was in but he needs to pay R2 millions in order for the charges to be dropped, he tried to ask for help from his crew lead by "Chicken" but unfortunately when you no longer have powers no one listens to you. Power is about having money to be able to pay people and that's what suffocate does not have .This has made him to ask his son Mzi to step in and help him in doing a heist to be able to raise the money.

Suffocate will be joining "Imbewu" ,he will be an honest business man who is a loving husband to his family .Fans have seen suffocate as a Gangster in Rythm city for the past 10 years,his new role will take time to sink into his fans ,but as time goes by they wi yey to bury his character from Rythm city and then concentrate on his new character on Imbewu The seeds.

We wish you all Suffocate ndlovu and a very bid farewell to you,we have seen you on screens and you are amazing on what you do,we believe you will still continue to bless us with your good characters.

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