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WATCH: Pretty From SkeemSaam Sets The Record Straight About This In Her Real Life

Actress Lerato Marabe, popular known as Pretty on Skeem Saam just had to get some things straight, we all know how people can make assumptions, with no intention of knowing the truth.

It seems like this is what happened a lot when it comes to this particular situation. So, have you ever heard the rumours that Lerato was married?

You probably have heard this at some point and that was definitely a shocker because she still very young, it was mentioned that she is only 21.

Being married at an early age is nothing new, but it probably would not have made sense for Lerato, so there you have it, as much as some people thought that she was married, it turns out that she is not.

She set the record straight on magazine show, [email protected], she said she was not married, but she did not go into detail regarding any intention of doing so any time soon.

And maybe this should not really be a surprise, marriages require a lot from a person, Lerato plays the character Pretty on one of the best soap operas in the country.

If you are a fan of Skeem Saam, then you would know that Lerato has been busy recently, she has a lot of work and as a wife, there are certain things you cannot do, but lucky for her, she has not reached that stage.

The marriage thing was never really addressed, maybe Lerato talked about it at some point, but it could be that some people still think she is married.

At least now they will know, and one thing that will obviously get people interested in knowing about this is because Lerato is the hottest actress right now.

Skeem Saam trends every day and it very well could be that it is because of the relationship of Pretty and Lehasa, two of the most interesting characters on the soap opera, people have had a lot to say about the storyline.

Basically, people have been enjoying what they see and that is good for the soap opera and for Lerato who is one of the reasons why a lot of us tune in every night.

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