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Meet Phindile Gwala, South African celebrity with a killer body: Opinion

Phindile Gwala, she is acting in Imbewu etv (Fikile). She is known as Nkululeko Bengu's girlfriend, she is quite a looker. She has a body to die for, she was also acting on Muvhango, she was James Motsamai's girlfriend going by the name of "Noni".

There were also some rumours that were reported that she is a pastor in real life. It is just that there are people that are criticizing her for displaying her body, if she's a pastor. They are saying the life that she's leaving does not show that she is a pastor.

I don't know, maybe pastors are not allowed to wear swimming costumes, pastors are not allowed to go to the gym, or pastors are not allowed to go to the beach, isn't it so?

People forget that this is her work. Being a celebrity is what makes her eat. Being a celebrity is what brings food on her table. So if she has to go an extra mile like this, just for her to get more support from fans, so be it.

There are born again Christians that are in the army, when it is time for war, they have to kill, no matter how deep is their faith in God. If it is time for war, it is time to fight for the land. So they will have to kill.

It is like children of God that in the police force. They don't have to do that job with the hearts of a Christian, they have to do it with the heart of a professionalism. It is like also Children of God that are lawyers, when they are defending somebody in court, they have to prove their professionalism. They don't have time to quote verse of the bible in the court, because at the end of the day, they have to win that case. I'm not saying christiand lifestyle does not apply at work, but I'm encouraging flexibility. Know the times to things, don't mix work with church.

So again I vividly defend her on the basis that, this is her work. There are certain people that will criticize you on what you are doing. As if you can stop doing that, they will come and give you something as a source of living by the time you begin to suffer because your career has ended, or something is gone wrong, maybe you got fired. The same people would be the first to run around with your name on social media mocking you.

You must never do anything to please anybody. As long as your conscience is clear, then it is not sin. So I just decided to post this beautiful celebrity that is maybe undervalued in South Africa, but she's in a pure talent, beautiful, good looking and well mannered Zulu lady.

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