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Check Mzansi's Reaction After Lady Shared How She Feels Since Her Friends Are Employed Except Her.

Check Mzansi's Reaction After This Lady Shared How She Feels Since Her Friends Are Employed Except Her. 

Date || 29 June 2022

Source || Twitter


Nowadays, a lot of people are unemployed and this is despite whether you went to varsity or not. 

However, just because there's a lot of people who are unemployed, this doesn't mean that there aren't who are employed. There are those who are lucky enough to have a job in this tough economy, so there's just a mixture of unemployed and employed people. So, since this is the case, you find that there are people in friend groups who fit both categories. This always put a strain on the friend as one friend can afford since they have a job and the other can't since he or she is unemployed.

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Some friends find a way to deal with this but some don't and the situation even gets worse when only one friend in the whole friendship group is unemployed when everyone else is. Well, this is exactly what one lady felt when she posted about her frustrations of being unemployed when all her friends in all her friendship circles are employed. She posted how this has led to her depression and also had her crying for days now. 

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Being unemployed when everyone around you is, is not something nice to experience at all as you feel like you're the only one that gets left out of everything that everyone else does. This lady was, however, not the only one online who was going through as there were people who went through it that told her their stories and how things changed for them. There were also those who are still going through what this lady was going through and were giving her words of encouragement. One lady in particular let this lady known that although she's going through a very tough time, she needs to keep on fighting and pushing life and what we know as, "God's timing" will find her while she's still pushing life.

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter 

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