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Mzansi Celebrities Who Recently Announced Their Divorce & Breakups

Celebrities are among the people who live in constant fear of their secrets being revealed. Celebrities can't stay in one relationship because their lives are constantly documented in the media; it's divorce after divorce for them. As a result of an increased number of celebrity breakups. I believe they should just do it without making an announcement because all we hear about in the press these days is their breakups. 

Isn't it possible for them to simply live in peace or divorce Njee without us knowing? Here is a list of celebrities that have lately announced their divorce or separation from their partners. 

Mr Jones and innie Dlamini Jones 

After two years of marriage, media star Minnie Dlamini Jones and Quinton Jones have chosen to separate. Mzansi was shocked to learn about the couple's divorce. Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones were one of the most beautiful couples we've ever seen in Mzansi. Those who have followed them will notice that the duo is always willing to go above and beyond to provide us with the best. 

After announcing their split, Mzansi is confident that there are no marriages in the entertainment sector with our celebs. 

Libhongolethu "Libho" Gheza and Thimna Shooto 

What occurs on Love Island should remain on Love Island! There is a distinction to be made between fantasy and reality! While we believed the couple would be together forever on Love Island, they have proven us incorrect even outside of the show. 

Since winning the reality TV show, Thimna Shooto and Libhongolethu "Libho" Gheza have become one of SA's sexiest couples. Thimna Shooto and Libhongolethu "Libho" Gheza, the winners of Love Island South Africa, have announced their separation after a year together. 

Libho and Thimna both took to Instagram to announce their split. After wishing each other a pleasant time, the pair had sad ending stories. Mzansi has expressed their support for the pair as well as their responses. Many people expressed their gratitude for being such a great team. 

Mzansini is still alive and well. The news astounded me. Both couples have received a lot of positive feedback from their fans. What are your thoughts on this recently divorced couple? Share your thoughts, and we'll keep you informed.


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