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Fans Left concerned about Busiswa in her recent photos as she looks like she drastically lost weight


Singer Busiswa recently left fans talking after she posted a few pictures at her performance few days ago, fans xpukd help but notice the change in get body and it was not a pleasant one. This left many of her fans concerned as they questioned what's happening to her, although some thinks that the singer has had a drastic weight loss some thinks that its just the angle of where the photo was taken. We have witnessed many celebrities battling different kinds of health issues privately and we would only notice with his they lose weight. Fans just hope its not the same for Busiswa because you can never know what's going in a person's life until the latest stage.

We should normalize to not comment about people's weight she could be going through health issues example Chad Wick (Black panther) he was dying from cancer people mocked him for his weight loss. Because of this her loyal fans feels that Busiswa should not be judged because she is the oy one who knows what's happening to her.

It really hard to be a celebrity sometimes because people are always paying attention to the negative things, we all know that Busiswa had been on a weight loss journey as she wanted to live a more healthier life but people felt that this is too much. Looking at all the pictures on the night of the performance, it seems the one that left people talking was taken on a wrong angle or it could have been taken by a drown. The rest of the pictures looks fine and it looks line people are making a big deal out of nothing. On her page and see pics while she was performing dear then you'll see that's not her size. This pic is like it was taken by drown and people should stop being so.negative.

It's really sad how people always want the negative things to trend instead of the positive ones, while Busiswa is busy securing her bag in theseive performances people are busy on social media trying to make her trend for the wrong things. Busiswa has always been a bigger woman a d that haven't changed even after she decided to loose some weight, she remained a full figured woman who always supports plus size women.

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