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Mamkhize’s House VS Connie Ferguson’s House

Mamkhize is known for her lavish lifestyle, always posting pictures on Instagram and always reminding Mzansi of how much money she has . She has been doing this ever since she became famous. Shaun is a business woman, a philosopher as well as the first woman to own a soccer football team. His entire household is always on headline , if it’s not her son , Andile Mpisane always throwing money around like it’s some kind of papers. It’s Mamkhize herself living her best life to the fullest. 

It is no secret that Mkhize’s family has money. They also had a show called Kwa Mamkhize where Andile Mpisane was seen buying shoes that cost around R800k. He said it on live television show that most people were not happy that he bought those expensive shoes because what comes to their minds was how many rooms they were going to build with the money he used to buy just one pair of shoes . Andile changes cars every after two months and you will be asking yourself what does he do with those cars as he is still young. Well that the benefit of being born with money . 

On the other hand, we have Connie Ferguson who was married to the late Shona Ferguson. The couple started off as being actors /Actresses and then moved to production where they produced their own shows or telenovela. They worked very hard to their success . Shona died sometime last year after battling with covid-19 after he was discharged from having gone a major surgery. Since then, Connie is always mourning her husband and being reminded of how their love was .

Inside Connie’s House

Connie is also a very successful business woman but she has never advertised her life on the internet like Mamkhize does. People even thought that maybe she doesn’t have enough money as Shaun Mkhize but guess what, Connie actually owns a multimillion household as well as her tv productions are making a whole lot of money . Fans were comparing the two famous business women when they learn Connie is just a private person .


It’s not everyone who goes around showing off what they have . Again it’s always a bad idea to show your wealth to people , at the end of the day when things are no longer going your way, it will be difficult to show your face to people you used to look down on. Kindly share you me opinion based on this, what do you Think is the reason why Connie is not into lavish life like Mamkhize? 




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