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Jub Jub Does It Again, This Time No One Is Safe

Most of the people fall in love with aim of getting married or finding a lifetime partner but most of the time the relationship end up with break ups, some people are left with children whereas the other partner is busy enjoying his or her life out there with a new partner.

At some point other people end up finding out that their partners are getting married to someone else instead of them. The truth is when it comes to love we often make promises that at time we fail to keep and it seems as Jub Jub is trying to put an end to that. Jub Jub recently had been seen helping people who are suspecting their lovers that they are cheating but now it seems as he is after those who made empty promises.

Jub Jub will be a presenter to a new show called You Promised 2 Marry Me, this is a show that will help those who made empty promises to fulfil their promise. Many people in the society had been promised that they will be married, nd also the fact that someone will pay lobola and that I will buy you a ring. He is coming to fix that.

Now that many people will have to be investigated by jub jub and his team, we had seen it before on Uyajola 9/9 that he can definetly deliever if he set his mind on something but wont he be digging up the past, won't he destroy many families through this new show? What if the person that promised you to marry you is now married, will they go to him.

Are we not going to see people using this show as a way of revenge, will they just take someone's word or they will need a prove of what the other person is saying it is true or not. We will all have to wait and see what the new shiw brings in store but many will cry as it will reveal the truth about so many people who used other children hearts. Love is the most sweetest thing and when you find it you will do anything for it. Will this show make someone dream come true?

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