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Pretty finally speaks out against MaNtuli:Skeem Saam [Opinion]


It looks like Pretty will not get a break from her mother and the rest of the family due to her unwanted pregnancy.Girl pregnancy in our communities still has some stigma, and African parents seem to be unsure as to how to act when a girl is pregnant.Which makes them come across as attacking the girl and stressing her even further.Pretty is also disappointed by her being pregnant and the feeling of her being a disgrace to her family is also adding to her.It is very ironic that in all of this no one has asked how she feel’s.

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Pretty’s character is portraying exactly how most of young girls act when they are pregnant, especially when they have a mother like MaNtuli who always cares about what people say.MaNtuli cares more about her dignity and name in the community more than the life of her children.

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Should our parents be told about how toxic it looks when they have a favourite child amongst all their children?Should they be told of how it affects the rest of children’s relationship?Is it because when parents do this they do it unknowingly or they have other intentions for doing it ?Pretty’s character and story line is relevant to most people and which is why Skeem Saam producers and writers seem to continue impressing the fans.

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Moreover Lerato Marabe who plays Pretty is growing into becoming one of the rare actresses who carries the character and become inseparable from it.She is bringing Pretty into life and making sure that everyone can relate to Pretty.Everyone can feel Pretty’s pain because Lerato Marabe has portrayed Pretty so well let’s give a big round of applause for her consistency and respect for her craft.See the link below:

Kudos to her for taking a stand and speaking up which is also something that comes across as disrespect from African homes.Skeem Saam is teaching and showing how most African parents deal with their childrens problems, and it’s them taking all decisions without communicating with them first and finding out what or how they feel.

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Do you think the older generation need to be taught how to do things without offending or cutting off their children?

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