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Mzansi hijackers are about to get roasted, look at the new method that is made to burn hijackers.

We having a picture that has been spread on the internet lately. The picture got the eyes of so many people that uses Twitter an other social media platforms. It's not anyone that can say they have seen this kind of things happening. I can tell everyone is happy with the new method that is made. 

Photo: Facebook.

People have been loosing their cars lately, because of people that are hijacking them when they travel. They were even taking this whole thing as a job, because they never wanted to stop with it. 

At least they had to come up with something that will stop all of that, because people were always hurt because of loosing their properties due to people that never work for them. 

Some people will still go for it, even when they know about the method that has been invented lately. They only believe when that particular thing has happened to them. 

This method will kill many of the hijackers because they will be thinking they have won, while they don't know nothing about what is in the car. They should stop because they will get roasted. 

This car have been installed the pipes that delivers fire on the right door. They did that because they have realised that some people love hijacking, an mostly they do it on the right hand door. 

There also a button inside that is used to activate the fire, when someone tries to open your car door without your permission. They just love taking advantage of people. 

Photo: Facebook.

They did a write thing by inventing this method, because people were thinking they were smart when taking other people's cars. People were not feeling safe anyway. 

We are happy that, this won't happen again because they have made something about all of that. Only people that wants to die will try hijacking vehicles after seeing this. 

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