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Jub-Jub Drops A Bomb On Kelly And Amanda Du-Pont

Jub's meeting on Digital recording And Chill with MacG didn't baffle as he conveyed precisely on what he guaranteed. Web-based media is right now humming with Jub, Kelly Khumalo, Amanda DuPont, MacG and muthi moving.

Jub did likewise train in on Samthing Soweto after he would not work with him on Ndikhokhele Remix. He let MacG and Sol Phenduka know that he was left astonished at how other industry greats, for example, Rebecca Malope and Benjamin Dube were able to work with him yet not the Amapiano entertainer.

He then, at that point, targeted him and said he "sings like a b***h."

In to the more jucier part, for the people who didn't be familiar with Jub and entertainer Amanda DuPont's relationship, it came as a shock to them when he tended to this. It was what he said thereafter that made our jaws drop.

As per the Uyajola 9/9 host he couldn't ever have picked Kelly Khumalo over his ex Amanda in his calm psyche. Accordingly he in a roundabout way blamed Kelly for taking part in their separation. Perceiving how he just needed a "quick in and out" sort of circumstance with the mother of his youngster.

"At the point when you see it, growing up I was carrying on with a person sort of life, so when you check out me, you have Amanda Du Pont, and you have Kelly, the condition was not adding up. Do you get what I'm saying? So it was basically impossible that that I would have gone for Kelly over Amanda," then, at that point, MacG and Sol Phenduka, the hosts concurred with him and they added, "In your calm psyche."

Jub then, at that point, takes it up an indent and talked about whenever he first laid down with Kelly and that was after a party facilitated by Zizi kodwa at Untouchable.

Jub clarified that this should be a once off thing however ten his muthi claims were raised, and had watchers figuring she may have utilized it on him. "Everyone realizes that Kelly utilizes muthi," he affirmed.

Jub then, at that point, proceeded to say he f***D things up with Amanda and he accepts they had something to be thankful for going.

In case you might review back in 2014, on Genuine Goboza, Amanda Du Pont made some stunning disclosures about her relationship with a popular ex which she won't ever name. She said she was assaulted by the anonymous ex yet she had pardoned him.

"He began assaulting me as well. I'd will not engage in sexual relations as I was drained or didn't feel like it, however he'd compel himself on me.

"By then I was dropping out of adoration with him, however I actually didn't have the guts to leave. Assault in a relationship is horrendous. You don't comprehend that an individual who professes to adore you can disregard you like that."

Amanda who was a moderator at that point, said she had figured out how to pardon him and continue on from that, "Occasionally I'd catch him at capacities, yet that didn't upset me since I had continued on," she proceeded. "He was involved with a renowned performer by then, at that point. I can sincerely say I have pardoned him."

Moving right along from Amanda Du Pont, Jub then, at that point, talked about his child and how he had been attempting to snag Kelly Khumalo to talk things through so he can be in his child's life.

Jub then, at that point, let the team pay attention to a uninitiated voice note he shipped off Kelly Khumalo where he connects with her however said she won't ever react. The voice note is as per the following: "I will attempt to keep this as short as could really be expected, I'm not alright. I have likewise as of late come to observe specific things that are bad in regards to my circumstance with my kid. Please, I want my kid, my kid needs his dad. Would we be able to meet anytime in the near future and perceive how we can resolve this issue and whatever other issue that you wish to address.

"I would actually like for us to set out contrasts to the side for our child. In addition to other things, I was managing a great deal of things that I would have rather not upset this cycle. Kindly, kindly hit me up straightaway," he said in the voice note.

This meeting played on Channel O the previous evening. The full meeting will be transferred on MacG's YouTube divert in the following coming days.



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