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Areece gets Slammed for getting Friend Zoned by Natasha Thahane

Okay I think that by now you may know who these two young personalities are and also how they made names for themselves in this country.

They are a lot of people who had already given Natasha this name as the biggest Friendzoner of our generation as she has been locking some of the biggest names in the game. And she is still laying down the heat s she has been friend zoning one of the biggest stars in the rap game and that is Areece.

Now this is a Tweet that was posted by a Twitter user @ChrisExel102 who had captioned the Tweet she had posted with, " Natasha will go down as the biggest Friendzoner of the generation". Which is really true if you ask me because she really has been putting stars in the Friendzone and that is also Cellular.

Now a lot of people have been bringing up the fact that the well known @Cellular was also Friendzoned by Natasha which kind of shocked a lot of people me included.

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