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OPINION| Anele Mdoda Must be Arrested for Body Shamming Other People, It's Not Funny Anymore

“I don’t hate Kelly, I don’t hate her at all. I just don’t think she’s prettier than Beyonce,” Anele Mdoda said during her interview on Podcast and Chill With Mac G ~ SundayWorld

To be honest it's very important to think before you speak, some things you might say jokingly but you don't realize how much damage it causes to the other perso, Anele must apologize that's all because she is wrong, she must admit that. What are we suppose to learn from her if all she does is this, slowly but surely some of us are loosing respect for people like Anele, women stand together no matter wha

After I defended her and almost got beaten up Anele come on, you just can't stop talking nonsense or it slipped thru your gap, Kelly is way more beautiful than Beyonce ? You know Anele I once defended you regarding the Kelly issue, but you continue to be an instigator. If Beyonce is more beautiful than Kelly, so what. Kelly is beautiful to those who loves her, similarly Beyonce also, please my beautiful sister don't be an abuser

Guys this is enough now Anele annoyed me with her body shaming, but I'm seriously starting to feel sorry for her now. It all started with this thing of people making it ok for skinny women to be trashed, but as soon as someone is called fat, it is a crime. See now what society has created. Poor Anele, I feel for her. I think Mdoda needs some validation. I mean who invest their time evaluating whose more prettier than the other, especially amongst women themselves. People are busy competing about wealth accumulation and she's busy on some "whose prettier than the other"? Someone please tell her that she's greatly talented and that we appreciate her contributions into the social and entertainment sector, however she needs to appreciate herself first

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