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Today marks the 5th year since Sfiso Ncwane's untimely passing, the photos below are in his honour.

Today marks the 5th year since Sfiso Ncwane's untimely passing, the photos below are in his honour.

This was a very sad and tragic day, for fans, and religious music listeners all over the world when we received the news that former faith music star Sfiso Ncwane has passed away.

This shocked many people because we had not heard anything bad about his deteriorating health, which is why many people were left shocked and could not believe the story of Sfiso's death.

The country here in South Africa was surrounded by a dark cloud everyone was disappointed and did not believe that the news of Sfiso's passing was true.

Sfiso was a gospel-based musician who played a major role in the music industry, and his presence in the music industry changed the lives of many people in the way he was able to write and pass on messages of condolence to those who are grieving, or depressed.

Before his death Sfiso Ncwane had achieved great things in his life, and he had also won more than ten awards which clearly showed that his music was really good.

He started singing at a very young age and this is his first album was titled Vulamasango

Then he listed them in this order


*Inombolo Yasezulwini


*Baba ngyavuma

*isphephelo sam

*kulungile baba

The gospel singer was well recognized for his humility. He was never arrogant or conceited about his good fortune or achievements. Instead, he shared his good fortune with those who were less fortunate, and he never sought public recognition for his charitable endeavors. Because of his character and commitment to his followers, family, and faith, his adoring fans could well have followed his work and continued to support him.

After being ill for some time, Sfiso passed away on Monday morning, December 5, 2016. He had been diagnosed with kidney failure, according to reports. He was feeling weak on Sunday, December 4, 2016, and his wife called paramedics, who brought him to the hospital, where he was admitted that same evening.

He was then transferred to the critical care unit where he died at 09h30 on Monday, December 5, 2016. He was a God-fearing man who was adored by gospel fanatics around the world. Sfiso Ncawne established a legacy for his family and raised the bar for what Gospel music means to those who draw strength from their faith.

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