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Is Curvy gay Inno Matijane having a crush on Kabza De Small? This is what he just said

Inno is busy on Facebook with topics about love and relationships, one moment be post about having a boyfriend the next he speaks about being single. You'll never understand what is really happening in his love life. One moment he'd be like I hate men, the next moment he is looking for a man

When it comes to engaging with fans he is the best. He does not act like a celebrity. He said he is human and he won't pretend like he eats oysters everyday just to create a perfect image while it's not the case. Many people love him for who he is, being real and friendly towards other people. Inno is not judgemental and he hates people who judge him for being gay.

He took to Facebook just to compliment the king of Amapiano music Kabza De Small. "You are handsome for real Kabza De Small", he wrote. This got people talking, some said Inno must just shoot his shot straight if he wants to date him. It got everybody thinking that Inno is having a crush on Kabza or maybe Kabza is the mysterious man that Inno has been saying he can't go a day without talking to.

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