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Female Rappers for what

Growing up have you had this dream of becoming someone or something? Reaching your dreams, doing exactly what you thought you would.

Well for this young talented lady Tamryn better known as Tam Carson (Mother of Rap), her dreams started creating themselves at the young age of 12. “In primary school I surrounded myself with people who are into Hip Hop dancing and Hip Hop music in general”

From being born in the Free State to being raised in the BIG JHB , bringing it all back to the lovely orange Free state , I can’t help mentioning I TOLD YOU SO, I told you the Free State is showing us all flames this year.

This young lady is one of the reasons I decided to write about our local unsigned talent in South Africa. It is just a total bonus that she comes from the Free State my favourite province ever.

BUT enough about the Free State as my next few artists will be coming from there.

So let’s tell you about this beautiful girl. We asked her a few questions to find out WHO SHE IS and how she came to be and followed her calling as I will put it.

So we all want to be happy right? What makes THEEEE Tam Carson (Mother of Rap) Happy? Well her answer made me realise how smart she is and that this girl has her head screwed on right “For me happiness is being able to live for yourself and not for other people” don’t we all wish we could live with this motto, I personally feel people care way to much what people say, remember bad publicity is still publicity, people hate and usually cause they want to be you or want what you have. It’s very rare to find people that are genuinely in your corner these days, so when you do, KEEP THEM CLOSE.

Which leads us to the next question we asked her, Up and coming artists face the worst challenges even more than our well known artists as they want to prove themselves, so how does she deal with body shaming, cyber attacks and most of ALL these haters bringing all this negative energy “I never really let the negative energy build up in me. I actually learnt a lot from it and as I have said in one of my songs, that the people who were always hating would now dream to be around me, which is true, because now all of a sudden they “supportive” to find a better word for it.”

Well let me tell you what I have learnt from one of her songs called RAW, which takes me back to my welcome post, when she writes , it comes from the heart, when we asked her what inspired her sound she just proved me right “I just get a beat and I come up with a certain flow to it, when I start writing lyrics, they make sense to me and mostly things that I have been through and things that are happening around in the industry as well as things in general with life itself.”

Not many of us have heard her music and I was just like you, Thanks to her manager OB who owns and represents her and a few of my other favs, “Naycha and PrimeEzy” as OH BOY Entertainment, I was introduced to this amazing talent and realized that we been sleeping on so many local artists that never get noticed because they aren’t showcased on your commercial radio stations.

So if you want to see and hear her music and see why I am obsessed with her and the whole OH Boy crew follow her on her IG handle : tamcarson_sa

PS: a little birdy told me Tam is working with some well know names and we CAN’T wait to hear what they come up with

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