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Faith Nketsi reveals the truth about her Range Rover from her ex boyfriend.

Source: Instagram and Twitter

Not so long ago social media was in awe after a series of videos circulating of Faith Nketsi getting her anniversary gift.

This was of the most beautiful and u expected video because noone knew she was in a relationship, better yet that she was celebrating a whole anniversary. In the video the businesswoman Faith Nketsi was blind folded and led outside to receive her gift which was a brand new Range Rover.

Social media was flooding with people congratulating her while others had negative things to say. The guy who bought the car was from that day known as 'Mr range rover pt2'

Suprisingly this wasnt the first time Faith was receiving a range rover from her boyfriend. The range rover velar she was driving was from her ex boyfriend James who she opened up about cheating on him and breaking his heart on her reality show 'have faith'.

Now news that James 'Mr range rover' took his brand new range rover velar back for reasons tgat still haven't been disclosed. This was circulating on social media especially twitter with people making their own assumptions about the reason behind him taking it back. The rumors were stopped when Faith confirmed that she gave the range rover back so that she doesn't jeopardize her relationship with her new boyfriend.

Luckily after she returned the car to james, Faith's new boyfriend on their anniversary. Her friend also confirmed that james never asked for the car back.

I think this was a good thing to do, it's fair that she gave back the car to her ex boyfriend because it will somehow feel disrespectful if she didn't give it back and someday James will see her with her new boyfriend, that would hurt and be one of the worst thing. Im glad she also got the new one.

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