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Noah decided to end his life, See what he did

His mother is spoiling him. She is always over protective over him. He wants to do the right thing but they are standing on his way. He went to Leeto so that he can confess and on his way to tell Kobus the truth his granny organized a hijacking so that he can tell him exactly what happened. He wants to plead guilty. He is not happy about what happened. He does want to do the right thing but they are stopping on his way.

Leeto want to help him to do the right thing. It is so much difficult to for him. His friends no longer want to hang around with him. They no longer want him close to them. He is all alone. He is in so much pain. He cannot handle the pressure that he is in. He feels so much quilty for burning the factory and kill Koloi's mother. He wants Koloi's family to find justice. But his mother does not want him to pay for his sins.

Noah is not a bad guy. He has conscious. He is not perfect and he cannot be perfect. He just wants to do the right thing. He is good guy who just wants to pay for his sins. Only then he will feel good about himself. They are spoiling him unnecessarily. Noah jumped off the balcony because his mother and Leeto were arguing in front of him.

Maputla's family is always fighting because of him. There is no peace in the house. He just wants to end all this things by going to jail.

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