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Murdahbongz takes Father of the Year cup after his recent video


When Murdahbongz started dating DJ Zinhle, we all thought their relationship wasn’t going anywhere . Bongani and Zinhle met when Zinhle was going through a rough patch from her past relationship with the famous rapper AKA. Firstly, it was as if Bongani was a rebound indeed but they have proven to the world that their love was really genuine. Before we know it, Zinhle was having a baby on her tummy whom they later named baby “Asante”. 

AKA as the father of Kairo, (Zinhle’s first born ) tried to reach out when Asante was born saying that she will also be her daughter . In a way, he will take care of Asante same way he is taking care of Kairo. Mzansi felt like AKA was really trying too hard to invade Zinhle and Bongani’s parenting moments. Bongani is more than capable of taking care of his own child. We see that each day on his Instagram page.

Yesterday he shared videos of himself with Asante. The two were getting along very well, he was really playing a role of a father each child wish to have . I can confidently say MurdaBongz is a father of the year. Many people really showed their appreciation to how hands on he had been and supporting Zinhle through out this whole process. Zinhle lacks nothing and I believe she is also proud to have a partner like Bongani. Bongani’s love for his child has proven that he is not like many other men out there . It is his first child and you would swear he has been doing this whole parenting thing for some time now . I guess it’s a natural thing. 


There are so many things Bongani can teach many men out there . It’s not about how much money you have but your availability as a partner and a parent means a lot to women as well as children. Being an absent father is what creates conflicts to children when they grow up . Love and money are two different things . So let’s try by all means to be there for our children like Bongani does . 

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