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Alfred is blind. Mahlatse should tell the truth about what happened

To find out the cause of Magongwa's eye sight click the link below.

Mahlatse is the one who was behind the strings but he is not the mastermind behind every prank. The blame should go to Paxton because he us the one who came with the chemicals in class. The pranks was not going to be major if the bucket was filled with water. But because they thought that they are clever they added chemicals.

The culprit will go to jail when they find him. Paxton is scared because things got hectic. When he got home he slept early because he was stressed. When his mother finds out what Paxton did at school she will be disappointed because she did not to stop him when she had the time.

Paxton is an angel in his parent's eyes but a bully to his fellow classmates. He is the one giving them pressure of doing bad things yet he is the older one in class, he was supposed to guide not mislead them.


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Alfred Mahlatse


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