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WATCH| Nale Mogadime attends premiere for her first international movie role in "Beast"

Nale Mogadime is a model who entered the Big Brother house this year for more exposure for her career. She wanted to branch of into acting and it seems she's already making her own dreams come true. She is featured in Idris Elba's new film "Beast" and she's made quite the splash since leaving.

The achievement is far beyond anything else we've seen from Big Brother alums.

Nale was known as the sleeping beauty of the house when she was still inside. She was very gorgeous, but would at times choose to rest instead of work or interact, it garnered her much criticism but her restful nature is paying off now. She looked resplendent in a flowing teal coloured gown as she attended the premiere for "Beast"

Nale is not the leading lady quiet yet, She plays the deceased wife of Idris' character. However, a feature or even a cameo in a film like this is a big deal. Firstly, with someone as high profile as Idris, you can bet it will raise her star power. Secondly, it will be something valuable to add to her portfolio. This is a win/win situation in the best way.

Her fans were excited to celebrate her victory as well and took to social media to share their elation.

One excited user wrote, "My baby's 1st acting gig is international What God has in store for her will shock the world"

Fellow housemate Dinkybliss wrote, "Let’s talk about levels. You are different and you are moving and graciously so! Congratulations my lady. I am proud of your hard paying work. #NalediMogadime"

This is such a huge achievement and nothing will ever overshadow that. Nale is a hard worker who moves in silence and makes sure her impact is felt. This can only mean more success for her moving forward and I'm excited to see what else she will be bringing to our screens.

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Check out a clip of her at the premiere here

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