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Bonnie Mbuli falls horribly sick after taking the corona virus vaccine

This is a good topic to step on, so we might as well tiptoe even Bonnie Mbuli received backlash after revealing how she feels. As you know there’s a bit of controversy surrounding the vaccine with some people refusing to take it for one reason or the other.

The community says some celebrities and politicians are paid to promote the vaccine hence the government is strongly encouraging people to take it, While some people have come out in the open to say that they’ve taken and suffered from severe side effects others have remained mum.

Mbuli took to her social media to detail how she’s been feeling after taking the COVID-19. The actress said she’s been so sick to an extent that she’s struggling to get out of bed.

The actress wrote this “Shuuu! My vaccine side effects seem heavier than most describe, can’t even get out of bed, didn’t even feel this bad when I had Covid. Did anyone else have hectic side effects?”

Many were on her side but some were not they felt like she was paid to scare people since she’s a public figure hence she received a lot of backlash on Twitter.

We end up not knowing which one is correct because this vaccine thing is just too much to digest.

Whats your take ?

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