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Melusi leads Ntokozo straight to crime (opinion)

Melusi on gomora has been a controversial character. He is a good man to outside people but can't handle matters of his household. Melusi is a great principal but an awful father. He can't seperate his workplace and his house. Melusi is still the school's principal even at home to his own son Ntokozo.

After finding out that his wife killed his other son Langa by mistake Melusi moved out of his marital home. Melusi had been cheating on his pregnant wife and now lives comfortably with his mistress Nthati. Already Gladys had insecurities when it came to Melusi and Nthati as they were highschool sweethearts.

It is Onthatile's mother that succeeded in turning Ntokozo a criminal. It is Onthatile that killed Ntokozo's uncle and yet Melusi can forgive her but won't forgive his wife. This may lead to asking if there was any point in Melusi's life where he actually loved Onthatile.

If you won't listen to your children someone else will, if you won't guide them someone else will. If you won't be available for them someone else will avail themselves. That's what's happening with Don and Ntokozo. The man is giving Ntokozo attention his father won't, he's listening to him. A male child will always want a male figure to be present in their lives.

Melusi has ruined Ntokozo's life and his wife's it is so unfortunate for the unborn child. I hope parents are learning either married or not be available for your child. It is not what you're buying for them but who you help them become your guidance is important.


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