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Will Thando allow Siyacela to take another wife?Isencane Lengane [Opinion]


They are the first young couple to be married moreover that has a reality show at their age group.Their Reality show is on Moja love Isencane Lengane Siyacela seems to be spoilt and making decisions without thinking

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They have barely finished a minimum of five years being married and now he wants to take another wife who is older than both of them.On the past episode he showed his tenaciousness as he couldn’t take the advice from his brother and friends.On the side Thando is the one who seemed focused as she is still studying whilst Siyacela dropped out of school.

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Maybe Dlamuka need to have a proper and clear chat with Siyacela.Truth is marriage at their age can be very challenging they are barely twenty years old, which means that they are still teenagers and normal teenagers have challenges which include physical change on their bodies.Now them being married at this age is also adding another challenge.

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How is Siyacela planning to take a second wife while he can’t provide for himself and his wife?He is dreaming of not working but his wives must work for him.Do you think Dlamuka will allow Siyacela to have another wife?Do you think Thando will leave Siyacela and go back home?Is it wise for Thando to persevere at her young age?The past episode she was busy trying to get hold of him and couldn’t get him.Fans set Twitter ablaze due to Siyacela’s actions see the link below 1

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Siyacela seems to be living in the moment and with the flow,without considering the consequences of his action.Would you allow your teenager to get married?Will Zinhle be taken as an official second wife and will she be able to adjust,she is from a different place and Dlamuka’s house has different set of values Siyacela’s weakness is his tenacious mind .Who knows maybe Siyacela might grow up and be a good husband and maybe share the challenges he faced as a young husband to people.

Please let me know what you think about this and please follow me for more insightful news.

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