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Mzansi Is Left Sh0cked After Revealing Age Gap Between This Couple In #SengKhathele. See Their Age

After revealing their age difference on the episode of #SengKhathele, this couple has gotten Mzansi talking. Check Out Their True Age.

Twitter page with the hashtag #SengKhathele and the most recent episode of Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 are the sources.

What a stunning tale with a happy resolution, despite the significant age gap between the characters. Celement, who is 70 years old, is currently involved in a relationship with a very young female who is 39 years old. She is 31 years younger than he is, and he is on the show to publicly dump her in front of all of us. Although it was upsetting to experience, it was still a fascinating show to watch.

The man left Mzansi talking via social media, and people were surprised to find that an elderly person could still have a lot of energy. The difference in age between the two was one that Mzansi could not help but comment on. Clement, who is 70 years old and has been dating Dimpho, who is 39 years his junior, went to #SengKhathele because he wanted to break up with her. Dimpho is his younger girlfriend.

One thing that a lot of people could not understand is how he manages to achieve all of this while his wife is still at home. The most upsetting aspect of the situation is that the woman is aware that he is already married, yet she acts as though this is not a problem for her. Love does not exist in today's world. The man had originally planned to break up with the lady in front of the whole country on national television, but because they love each other so much, he has changed his mind and now wants to work things out with the lady. He told her that he loves her, but that there are some things she needs to alter about herself.

Despite their significant age difference, the woman loves the older man. She claimed that she was surprised to learn that he was 70 years old because she had been under the impression that he was much younger. While her mother is 72 years old, the age of the old man that she's dating is that same number. That would refer to her. The age difference between l9ther and her boyfriend is two years. How could she possibly date someone if she doesn't even know how old the other person is? It's almost as if she's dating someone without being aware of his background or motivations.

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