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Divorce Affair

Uyajola 99: Is Pietermaritzburg the cheating capital of South Africa?

I was caught off guard this week on Uyajola 99 when the complainant from the first episode claimed to be from Pietermaritzburg yet again. If you're not someone who often watches this show, you wont know that for the last few weeks, Jub Jub has been dealing with cheaters from that side.

We have a gay sangoma from PMB. He kept reiterating that gay men from Pietermaritzburg like to keep their relationships with men on the down low. After him, we had a butch lesbian from there who had everyone confused on her gender because of her deep voice. This week we had a a soft spoken girl who just wanted the truth.

As someone who was raised in Pietermaritzburg for most of my life it does not surprise me in the slightest that they're being featured so prominently on the show. It is such a small city and often everyone intersects like the show InterSEXions. I guess in a small town things like these are bound to happen but the rate of reoccurrence leaves little to be desired.

This week our cheater was found having drink at a local tavern in Sweetwater. He had been with the complainant for over seven years without true commitment. He had given her a ring which, in our culture means nothing if you haven't made an appearance at the girls home. It's just pretty jewelry.

In the end it turns out he was cheating with a colleague and had been at it for a while. It was heartbreaking to watch the complainant cry tears of anguish while she watched him hold hands and finally leave with his former colleague turned lover.

I guess he made his choice and I hope she makes her own. She already wasted so much time in a relationship with someone who doesn't care. It's a lesson for all Pietermaritzburg ladies and gentlemen, you need to really be sure you're the only one before you settle down. The chances are high that you are not.

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