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Checkout Some of Mapula's pictures we have probably never seen before.||OPINION.

One actress that got South Africa talking with her on-screen talent is the actress we all know as Mapula, from the now cancelled tv soap opera Rhythm City. I'm sure most of us can remember that before that she used to be an actress on the also loved soap opera Generations the legacy.

Real name Mapula Mafole, the actress was born in 1990 and today she is 31 years old, although looking at her appearance she looks like a teenager and that is why a lot of people were surprised to learn that she is way older than she looks on television, and she is way older than the roles she used to play too.

Mapula has been in the entertainment industry for a while, but it seems that she has only been noticed by many after she got her roles on Generations: the legacy and Rhythm city.

Before getting her big role on Rhythm City, she appeared on Intersexions in 2012. She is not only a gorgeous face, but she also has an AFDA degree.

Most of us didn't know a lot about her social media, as it seems she wasn't as present on the more popular social media platforms such as Instagram, but it seems now she is available on Twitter and she has shared some never seen before images of herself that you won't find on the internet,

Mapula seems like the kind of person who keeps to herself but seeing these images, I'm sure we can all agree that we have never seen this side of her. The more photogenic and outgoing side of her, as in these images it seems that she is revealing that side of herself.

I'm sure we're all wondering what her next role will be since Rhythm city is no more. Let's hope we get to see her on another soapie soon.

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