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#Teenage_Pregnancy: Zanele's mother cuts her off after telling her she's a "noisy drunkard"

#Teenage_Pregnancy: Zanele's mother cuts her off after telling her she's a "noisy drunkard" 

While you're here, please follow me.

Teenage Pregnancy is a show on Moja Love that seeks to expose the struggles of teenage pregnancy and I'm assuming that it hopes to discourage other young people, both girls and boys for falling into the same trap.

Zanele's mother is a drunkard and it seems that their relationship isn't too solid.

Zanele's mother feels disrespected because her baby daddy's family insulted them the first time they reported the pregnancy. Smanga's family denied the pregnancy and said that the baby is not theirs. Any mother would be hurt on their child's behalf.

Now that the baby is born, Smanga's family brought clothes and a very negative cousin. When her mother heard about their visit without following proper channels, she was hurt that they bypassed her and wanted to touch and bond with a child that they initially denied.

Now, Zanele's mother went off and said of how Zanele and her sister love doing things their way and do not consider her as a parent. She was right. But because she was drunk and loud, Zanele ended up talking to her like a child and bringing up her alcoholism.

I don't think that Zanele should be so rude to her mother. She was lashing out because she cares about her. She can not sit back and fold her arms while Smanga's family plays happy family without paying child damages.

In the end, she was so hurt that she disowned both Zanele and her sister because they spoke down on her. I don't justify her being noisy in the presence of the baby, but she is still a parent and should be treated as such.

Thoughts? Does being a drunkard give Zanele the right to go off at her mother in that way?

Thank you for reading. Please leave your comments in the comments section below and I'll engage!

Source: Teenage Pregnancy on DStv Channel 157


March 09, 20922

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