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OPINION: viewers may be seeing Noah on their screens again very soon because of Bra Sikes

Viewers may be seeing Noah again on their screens

Noah is the son of Mokgadi Matloga and he was arrested for being involved in the fire that was at Maphosa building where his friend's mother was working at.

Noah and his grandmother tried everything to hide the evidence from the police not that he won't be arrested but the truth has eventually came out.

Noah is Bra Sikes's son and now Bra Sikes is hunting for the Maputlas especially Leeto.

He wants them to pay the price for getting his son arrested and also for kicking out Mokgadi from their own house.

Since the viewers are about to see Bra Sikes which means Noah is also on the books.

Leeto wants to move to Joburg but his past coomes back at the right time before he leaves to Joburg.

I don't think Leeto is that strong to take on Bra Sikes, Leeto is a very soft man he needs to toughen up and be a man.


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