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Latest News| Amanda Du Pont reveals that she aborted Jubjub's baby

Amanda reveals more about Jubjub


Sources: Amanda Du Pont Twitter page

Amanda Du Pont calls out Jubjub on the news that he shared to MacG's podcast that he use to be with Amanda Du Pont, Amanda reveals that Jubjub raped her while she was still a virgin and she felt pregnant there after. Amanda also added by saying that she went and had an abortion because she did not want her child to be brought up to this world in this type of manner. Amanda says that Jubjub lied about sleeping with her, he actually forced himself onto her.

It seems like nobody knows the real Jubjub other than Amanda Du Pont, Amanda Du Pont is crying for help and warns ladies who are currently under the abusive relationships to get out as soon as possible. Amanda Du Pont is a former girlfriend of Jubjub and she reveals that her relationship with Jubjub was not pretty as it looks on the pictures. Jubjub is not the kind of person that you are always cheering for on his shows on Moja Love channel. There is definitely no way that Amanda could lie about an abuse like this.

Amanda says that she was threatened by Jubjub and her mother that if she tells anyone about what is happening to her she will definitely get into trouble. It seems like Jubjub is not a saint and he has been exposed while he was least expecting it to happen. After everything he has done to make such a come back to fame and his scandals just followed him. South Africans will never forgive him for this one, because physical abuse is something not to joke about. Who knew that Amanda could have had Jubjub's baby only to find out he was busy raping her for 2 years straight.

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