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Hilarious Celeb Drawings That Left People In Stitches On Social Media

Hilarious On social media, sketches of well-known celebrities appeared, making people laugh in the comments.

Using a ballpoint pen, this artist creates portraits of celebrities. They are awful.

At the same time, they notice intriguing features about their subjects' body types and tattoos.

View a few of the examples below.

All of the worst celebrity portraits ever created were found on the internet by someone who then shared them with us on Twitter. You can see them below in the post.

The pictures, however, are dreadful. They are intentionally hideous contortions of famous people, similar to caricature artwork.

But they're fascinating in their own right. The tattoos, attire, and body shapes of the subjects served as inspiration for a few minor aspects. It almost resembles Picasso's cubism.

An individual by the user name of " Real Jima @ Shiva Szn " felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media.

On the 10th of August 2022 around 7:57 PM , and captioned it " Hilarious celebrities fanarts that will make you scream "

Grabbing the attention of the masses at once , and so far managed to obtain a seazable amount 442 retweets , 27 Quote tweets and 974 likes.

Content created and supplied by: RefilweSylvester (via Opera News )


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