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IdolsSa: Thembi Seete said to age in reverse for her gorgeousness on recent episode of Idols SA

IdolsSa: Thembi Seete said to age in reverse for her gorgeousness on tonight's episode of Idols SA

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Thembi Seete is one of the most beautiful women in this country! She always breaks the internet with her gorgeousness that just keeps getting better by the day! She's just the embodiment of aging like fine wine!

She was a guest judge on tonight's episode of Idols SA and the audience, both in studio and at home, loved her! She was also hailed as being an ideal fit for being a permanent judge on the show. However, viewers always think that a guest guest is amazing so we can never really tell if the fuss is real or temporary, until a new guest judge appears the following week!

Her compliments on Twitter had more to do with her beauty than her judging so I'm assuming that even if she were to be taken as a permanent judge, viewers would just want to look at her beauty and care very little about her judging skills! Her heart of gold work against her though, because she would never want to say no to contestants and break their spirits! Nonetheless, it would be unfair not to commend her judging because she honestly did an amazing job!

The ever so beautiful Thembi Seete looking absolutely stunning 🔥🔥🔥🧯#idolssa

If forever young was a person. Thembi Seete is sure ageing gracefully #idolssa

Thembi Seete's beauty though 🥺. Her beauty gets better with age. A perfect definition of "aging like fine wine" 🔥🔥🔥#idolssa

Thembi Seete would a good option for the permanent judge. #idolssa

The way Melusi doesn't like seeing Gladys happy, I'm pretty sure that he's going to call uGladys to tell her that she has no business looking this hot on tv when she killed his son🙄😂 Thembi Seete is hot like a heater! 🔥Yeses mahn😭🔥#idolssa

Thembi Seete doing an amazing jobas a guest judge 👏🏾. Her comments are 👌🏾#idolssa

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